One Drink Away from Bukowski ~ The Coffee and Cigarettes Generation

Publisher Description

An eclectic collection of stream of consciousness writing on contemporary society, lifestyles and events.  History, Literature, Poetry and Philosophy

Outside Looking In: A Collection of Essays by Outsiders

Outside Looking In

A Collection of Essays by Outsiders

Publisher Description:

A Collection of Essays dealing with the Socio-Political Economy, Philosophy of The Outsiders and The Theater of The Absurd. 

Features Special Guest Essay and Artwork by Erin Kelly: “Not Now John” Imperialism’s March on Korea


Special Guest Essay by Northern Paganism Author-Poet Scott Carlson: Outsiders.

Tales on Being II by Tyr Blackthorn

Building on Tales on Being Book one of the series, chapters include personal philosophies, explores the Racism of Contemporary Literary Criticism, Introspection of society through examination of Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky and others as well as examining various Orchestrated Machinations in play today.